Professional photographer Prague and surroundings Peter Oberta

My name is Peter Oberta and I started with photography at the university. For a long time it was only a hobby for me, especially connected with my biggest hobby – traveling. BecausePeter Oberta

when you are traveling, it is not enough to take your memories with you only in your head – you would like to catch the moment. A picture is the best way to do it. This was the

first reason why I started to do photography. The second reason is very simple and I guess most of us have him. You would like to show other people the beauty of your world – the

beauty from YOUR perspective. Each of us is looking with his unique way on the world around us, on the events which are happening and a photographic picture is the best way how

to show other people your view of the world.

At a certain point I have decided that I would like to bring my hobby to a higher ground. Beside travel documentary I have also started to take weddings and event documentary


Concerning documentary photography, my credo is: act as discreet as possible. You want to catch the natural course of the event. People relaxed and how they really are.

That´s why I´m the the given events from the beginning to the end, so people get used to me. I like to chat with them, have fun and also get a drink with them ;). For

these reasons I also do not use the flash. Another very important aspect is, the get well with the customer. We know it all from work, we work better with a colleague which we like...

I hope you will enjoy on my web pages the pictures and my view of the world and who knows? Maybe you find it interesting and we will work together...

Peter Oberta

Professional photographer Prague