Since most of the photographers have a price list on their web pages, so I decided to publish also one, although an approximate one. I´m convinced that the price for my services is a private thing between me and my customer. The price for each photo shooting is different, because somebody wants only the ceremony, somebody also the wedding preparation of the bride and groom, or the whole wedding day – this is the choice of most of the people and I prefer that! In that case, the photos represent a clear chain of events, from the morning, through the ceremony till the evening entertainment. It is a kind of a short movie catch in photos.

The lowest price includes the ceremony and the portrait pictures of the newly married couple. The highest price includes the whole wedding day. So, the wedding preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony, portrait pictures of the married couple and the guests and the whole wedding party and entertainment until 22 o´clock. As a result you will get 200 photos in a wedding album and all of the pictures (approx. 1000) in full resolution on a DVD. For the travel cost I do not charge anything, because I will reimburse that in the form of wedding cakes ;).

Weather you choose the mini or maxi package, you will get from me a www page with your pictures and all the wedding pictures in full resolution on a DVD.

In case you choose my services, I have a tradition to meet with the couple before their wedding to get them better know.


Regarding the price of documentary photography, that is more simple. Here I charge 1000.-/hour, but that is the pure photography time. I always come one hour before the event and take pictures of the preparation and the place itself, but that is my own initiative, that´s for free. Because I´m aware that no social event goes after an in advance prepared timeline and separate points will get shifted, I do not take the beginning of every new hour very precise. If I stay a quarter or a half hour more, I will not charge anything.