I was invited to the vernissage of the Slovak actress Andrea Kerestešová through the owners of the coffee in which it was held. It come out that Andrea is not only a good actor, but also a creative photographer. Even I was not invited as a official photographer, I really enjoyed the event. I guess you can see that from the pictures, where Andrea is not in the front of each, but more in the background and my goal was to catch more the atmosphere and not the main person. This vernissage was also my first experience with gutter photographers and I have to admit, in certain moments I had the feeling that I´m on a safari tour. Every time Andrea was talking to someone, or made a funny face, the jump on her like party guest on the last piece of canapé. I´m convince that those photographers are making beautiful pictures in their private time, but what has made then to be a part of this kind of photography? Well, it was an interesting experience, so enjoy the pictures.

pdfInvitation INDIGO Andrea Kerestešová