Traveling is my big passion! From small on I was traveling with my parents, which were working at the embassy of the ČSSR, later the ČSFR and at the end the Slovak Republic J. It started with my visit to Afghanistan and India when I was two and four, then it continues with Germany, Italy, Finland and the United States. Right from the beginning when I started to visit my university, I traveled by my self. My first trip on my own was to South Africa. Then I try to hitchhike across with a friend Spain, Portugal and a part of Marocco – did not went very well. On our next trip we took a pick-up van, that was much better (and more comfortable). Before my finally decision to travel on my own I made two trips (Ireland and the Near East) with a travel agency – Nomád. I have no problem to make an advertisement for them, the trip was good, I really enjoyed it, but it was not the right thing. You are tied to a group of people, to a given time schedule. Simply put, one does not feel as free as one should when traveling foreign countries. From that moment on, I´m traveling on my own – and that feels perfect. Traveling is like a drug, as soon as you sit in the plane heading back home you are looking at the world map in the seat pocket in front of you and plan you next trip! For me traveling is like a James Bond movie with Daniel Craig, on the from the theater you are already looking forward for the next movie. On my trips principally I try to avoid touristic places and accommodations. There no better way how to experience a country than to sleep in local hostels or even better with locals. You will experience how the locals are living, their kitchen, you don´t just travel through the country, you experience the travel. An disadvantage is, when see a TV show about the country sometimes you don´t even recognize it. There are many countries I have visited, not from all I have a photo documentary, so at least the attached map can help you to imagine where I already was...

Mapa světa