I visited Bolivia in 2012. The motivation for visiting was very clear and simple. South America was the last continent I haven´t visited – I don´t count the north pole. During my trip to Bolivia I also visited Peru. The choice of countries was also very simple. Peru because of Machu Picchu and Bolivia because it´s salt deserts. That year I also introduced a new feature, I posted also my complete budget and travel plan. Concerning Bolivia as a country, I travelled there with little expectations, but the more I was surprised! Unbelievable high level deserts (4000 meters above sea level), salt desert and probably the most incredible capital town in the world – La Paz. The city looked like from sci – fi movie. It´s a city build inside a crater. Where the difference between the highest and lowest point of the city is several hundreds of meters. The picture of night La Paz is one of the pictures I will always remember in my life.                               

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 I would like to show you also two movies from Bolivia: 

Video La Paz             Video Sucre