WEDDING! Wedding is a world which creates various feelings and impressions. Especially between a man and a woman. But let´s be honest – a wedding is mainly about the bride! The groom acts mostly as a fashion accessory or as a sponsor. Wedding is a day, where the two most important persons are the bride ... and her mother! J

To shoot a wedding is not easy as everyday photo shooting. For the forthcoming married couple is the event of their life and that is how you have to approach it. You don´t get a second chance (even Abrhám in „Vrchní, prchni!“ would claim something else...) and that´s why you have to prepare yourself for each wedding. Learn and find out the program and surprises, so you don´t miss anything ... but most important, you want to take pictures of people how they really are. Laughing, surprised, crying – to catch the atmosphere of the moment. This is a very hard thing to do, because most people as soon as they see a photographer start to act differently and this is the moment when the uniqueness of every photographer comes in. When pick as a wedding photographer anybody you want, you have to find him sympathic and charming. I personally coming to the wedding early in the morning and stay almost till midnight. The reason for me is clear. I want the people to get as much as possible used to me, so they take me as a part of the wedding. Only this way I can make them act naturally. Of course it is not bad to make some jokes and if you have a secured drive home to take with the wedding guest a drink or two...