The picture from Berlin, are from 2012. That time I spend in Berlin a whole week and was also lucky with the weather, so I walked across whole Berlin with my camera around my neck. I have to admit that Berlin has surprised me in an extremely positive way. During my working period in Switzerland I had colleagues from Berlin and they missed their home town – there was just no better town then Berlin. Such German Prague guys J. But after my Berlin visit I understood why. Berlin is an unbelievable dynamical and modern town. Of course you can´t find there the Balzac charm of Paris, or the breath taking historical background of Rome, but it catches your attention with architectonical contrast, clean streets and pleasant, but cosmopolitan live style. Indeed it´s a town full of contrast, next to a museum of modern art you can find a squatter building. Modern art statues in the garden yards of churches. Part of the Berlin wall places in the financial centre of Berlin with a graffiti saying „Wall Street – the next wall to fall“, that´s just Berlin! Berlin is a city worth visiting. It´s just a pity that Berlin is not in the list of the „must see“ cities of Europe.