I was in Singapore in 2009. Singapore was one of these short trips I made on my way to another country. In this case I was on my way to Melbounce for the SRI2009 conference. So I chose I flight with a 12 hour transfer in Singapore. Why not, I like it when I can visit for a few hours another destination. The first thing what I notice was the slag in my face when I stepped out of the airplane. Such high temperature with so high humidity! Another surprised awaited my in the city, when I found out that half of the city is closed because that weekend was the Formula 1 in Singapore. I was also surprised by the ethnic diversity. One was walking between an Indian and Buddhistic quarter. And it is also true what everybody is saying about Singapore, everywhere were signs forbidding something. In any case I closed my full day trip of Singapore in a Bavarian pub with a litter glass of good Paulaner beer… J