In 2010 I was in Istanbul for a pre-longed weekend. Together with a very good friend we visited another very good friend, which at that time was working in Istanbul. The fact that we knew each other from the university was a guarantee for a good-time weekend. And these times started right at the airport, where the custom officer took me aside and wanted 20 € visa fee from me. „Why?“ I asked, „Because you are Slovak!“ was his short answer J. As I mention my friend was working there at that time, so his co-worker Umud was our city guide. Which we afterward renamed to Ahmend. Istanbul is a beautiful city, full of mosques, nice people and good food. Thanks to Umud/Ahmed we also got a taste of the night life of Istanbul, which is equal to that of European cities. The presence of fisherman in the city centre and little wooden tables with back tea creates a very nice atmosphere.