I visited Cuba in 2011. It was the first time I went on a trip in a larger number then two. I think to travel in two is ideal, but this time we were four. My fellow travel companion took two friends from work with him. Luckily Radek with Libor were very easy going guys. Cuba was my first destination in the Caribbean. The Cuban people are a very friendly and open nation and I just recommend to travel across the whole island. I felt very bed about the Cubans, because their living conditions are very rough, even you have money, you just can´t buy western product. You can´t find something like Tuzex – shops which were in Czecho-Slovakia where you can buy western, or better quality products. We quite suffered from this. The food in the streets was terrible. We encountered a leak of basic things, like black pepper. On the other hand, Cuban merchandise which is very expensive in Europe is very cheap in Cuba, like cigars and rum. I remember that one of the locals which showed us very beautiful landscapes outside of Santiage de Cuba, after asking him if he could provide some good rum, said we should wait 30 minutes. After an hour his cousin came with a fabric bag with 12 bottles of 12 year old Metuzalem rum, each bottle for 8 Euro! He said that his cousin took it fresh from the company where the rum is produced. J. The same story with Cuban cigars, Cohiba Esplendidos, in this case he brought us 25 cigars for 30 Euro – that´s the price of one cigar in Europe! J