I visited Philippines in 2009. I visited this country based on the recommendation of a friend which I met during my trip through middle-east. He is travelling since the 90´ties and works for different travel agencies, but one day he decided to stay in the Philippines. Such a secret travel advice had to be realized. It was a coincident that during the time my fellows travel companions company has send his to the Philippines for a business trip. So we agreed that I will fly also to the Philippines and we will travel together. After I bought the flight ticket and planned the whole trip the company has send my friend back home. Luckily the same year I was in Australia and met there my old friend from my home town and we decided to travel together. Until 2009 only three countries have couth my attention, Iceland, Ukraine and the Philippines. I recommend Philippines to everyone. The beaches are as beautiful as in Thailand, but the prices are half. The people are very nice and welcoming. There are only a few tourists, because everybody heads to Thailand or Bali. It´s really a forgotten paradise.