I visited Australia in 2009, as a participant on the SRI2009 conference. It is the same conference I visited in Korea in 2006. The conference took one week and was in Melbourne. After the conference I took two weeks holidays and travelled across the country. Unfortunately is Australia such a large country that I had to think really hard which place I want to visit. At the end, I decided to visit Tasmania and Sydney. Luckily on my flight to Tasmania on a plane for 40 people I meet two Slovak guys from Liptovský Mikuláš. Right from the start we understood each other very good and decided to spend the week in Tasmania together. To a certain degree it was also an exchange business. I had a perfect travel plan for Tasmania and they had a car. So we put our staff together and travelled with their car according to my plan. Tasmania is a really beautiful place, especially it´s nature. After one week in Tasmania I moved to Sydney. One friend of me from Žilina is living and working in Sydney. I spend the nights at his place and he introduced me to a relative large community of Slovaks in Sydney. Regarding Australia as a country, I have to admit that Australia has a beautiful nature. Unfortunately the local people did not made such an impression to me. The Australian society seemed to me, like if you combine the worst cultural aspects of Europe and America together. The cities are built in the US style – with a skyline in the centre and then kilometres of suburbs. On the other hand I have to admit that the architecture of Melbourne was impressive. The local people were not very friendly and helpful, but that could be just coincidence. If I could compare Melbourne and Sydney, that Sydney wins. It has a more relax atmosphere and you get a much more friendly impression. Another surprise for me was the Sydney Opera house. Even it is build out of concrete, it is an amazing building! And very photographic with the iron bridge in the back.