I have visited Andorra in the year 2011 as a part of my second big trip on my motorbike. At that time I was living and working in Switzerland and my starting point was the town of Brugg. From Brugg I drove through the Gotthard pass to France. From the point of view of motorbike trips, Switzerland is the perfect country. It has several beautiful passes like the Gotthard pass. There was another possibility how to overcome the Gotthard, to drive beneath it. Under the Gotthard pass goes the longest traffic tunnel in the world – it has 17 km! From Switzerland I continued south to the city of Nice and then along the France coastline to Montpillier. At least that was the plan. After I spend several hours just to overcome a few kilometres over a million of circuits which are build through France coast cities I turned to the highway direction St.Tropez. Through Montpillier I drove to the capital city of Andorra – Andorra la Vella. One of the best moments of this trip was the drive along the France/Spanish border through the CG2 street. Beautiful serpentines were accompanied by herds of wild horses. Another unforgettable moment was, when I had to stop in the middle of the street because there was a huge horse which did not want to move – we just stood in front of each other, me on my motorbike and the horse in the middle of the street. On the way back I wanted to stop at two interesting places, the Pont du Gard, where you could see the triple aqueducts from roman times (see Photograllery 2011) and at the modern time bridge over the valley at the city of Millau. And there also my trip ended. After I enjoyed the view of the one kilometre supporting pillars, approximately 100 meters after the toll cabin I had a defect. The rest of the trip was managed by my insurance La Mobilliér. They payed for the hotel and my trip back to Brugg. One week later I took the trip back to pick up my bike where they exchanged the back tire and when back home.

At the end of each road there is a horse