In 2012 I had the change to visit Japan within a business trip for my employee Rigaku. Because of the limited free time I had, I did not travel to much. I visited only Osaka, Kjóto and Kobe. Japan is indeed a breath taking country. So much Asian and nevertheless so different from all the Asian countries I have visited before. Just from the start Japan couth my attention with it´s food! Japanese cuisine is amazing! On the other hand what surprised me was that such a technologically advanced country has so poor language skills. To meet a Japanese speaking fluently English is almost impossible. But they compensate this drawback with their unlimited politeness. Once I asked for direction to a monastery in Kjóto, the kind man did not knew how to explain the directions to me, so he walked for a half hour to the monastery J. Many Japanese are carrying with them small notebooks which works as translators. A problem appears when their translator shows a word you don´t understand J. At the end one memory which shows how difficult japan for tourist is. Every time I´m in a foreign country I try to eat local, so I decided to buy a local version of Coca Cola. Everything indicated that it was a Japanese Coca Cola, the bottle was standing next to sodas, but after I bought it and opened it in my hotel room I found out I bought a one litter bottle of soya sauce J.


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