I visited Cambodia in 2010 as a part of my trip to Vietnam. The original plan was to travel across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, but that was too much for only three weeks of holiday. At the end we spend two weeks in Vietnam and one week in Cambodia. The places of interest in Cambodia were set right from the beginning. The place famous from many Holywood movies – Angkor Wat. After arriving to the capital city we went straight there. We found quickly accommodation and the only thing to do was to choose the number of days which we wanted to spend there. As a passionate photographer I wanted to catch the rising sun above the complex of monasteries. Our local tuk-tuk driver had no problem with the fact that I wanted to leave the hotel at 4 o´clock in the morning. That alone should have been suspicious. As we were closer and closer to the entrance gate of the complex more and more buses and tuk-tuks started to appear. Just imagine the following, almost in the night you go through a beautiful stone gate, along a 400 m long stone pathway to a small lake where the main monastery is mirrored from the water! Just amazing! The only problem was that if you looked to your right or left, there were almost 500 tourists ready with their cameras to catch the sun rise! What takes a little bit of the sensational feeling of the moment. I have to admit that the Cambodian people are very nice, helping and almost everybody speaks English – contrary to Vietnam. Sometimes you still can see the consequence of the Vietnam war in the form of strange looking people which were influence by Agent Orange as embryos. I remember that I wanted to send some postcards from Cambodia, because of the leak of time I left them with money for stamps at the reception of our hotel. The postcard arrive after six months J. Cambodia was also my first country were the each receipt from a hotel they also gave a flyer warning tourist not to do child prostitution L.