I visited Cyprus in 2013. It was my honeymoon destination with my fresh wife Pavla. I wanted to visit Cyprus already during my university times, to the whole trip was already planned. I divided the trip into two parts. During the first part our base city was Larnaca and we travelled with a hired car the whole south and west part of the island. We visited the island only a few months after the start of the financial crises. This was clearly visible in the local population. I also don´t know if the vast number of advertisements and empty shops was in any relation to this situation. On the other hand I was very surprised that almost everybody spoke English and everybody was very friendly and polite. Unfortunately I can´t recommend Cyprus as a touristic destination. The surrounding countries like Greece and Turkey offer much better services, more interesting archaeological sides and longer and cheaper beaches. But, with the language skills and politeness the Cyprus people overcome the surrounding countries.

Few things which a sharp observed notices are Mercedes with six doors (local taxis), the always present cats and Russian tourists. I knew there are people which doesn´t like any of these things ;). But fun aside, there are whole streets and even cities which looks like Karlove Vary. So after Vietnam and Monte Negro, another destinations which fell for Russian money.

There are a lot of military basis, divided between Greece, turkey and surprisingly Great Britain – so be aware of what of photograph. As I mentioned above, you can find some nice beaches, but for an experience traveller it´s not enough. There is no comparable beauty like Mui Ne (Vietnam), Boracay (Philippines), Boston Bay (Jamaica) or Cayo Coco beach (Cuba).

Lefkosia, the capital city of Cyprus is a relative large city. You don´t even register the many military check points and border crossings. The main boulevards are filled with western shops and fast food chains. One thing hits your eyes. Philippines! Yes philippino women, same as in Beirut, also here the streets are filled with the biggest export article of the Philippines – nannies!


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