In 2006 me and my friend Dušan from Olomouc decided to spend a month with travelling through the countries of former Yugoslavia. With the same friend I spend two years ago a month travelling through Spain and Portugal. So we had already a similar trip behind us and we knew we get very good along. Contrary to our Pyrenees adventure, where we naively thought that we could travel through the peninsula via hitch hiking, this time we took a pick-up van. We had all we needed with us, gas cooker, food and accommodation in the car. The only thing we had to buy was fuel, water and alcohol J. I have to admit that even in the year 2006, the marks of the civil war from the 90-ties were clearly visible everywhere. Not only as gun shots in the walls, but also in the form of armed militia and “mine field” signs at the entrance to most of forests. I can´t say much about the local people, we had almost no contact with them. Our trip was very independent and more or less it was about going 50 km/hour through the road along the see coat of Croatia. As soon as we saw a nice lonely beach we stopped and took a swim. What I remember very well from this trip are three experiences. Because during the three week we crossed several times the national borders of Croatia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, our passports started to fill up with stamps not only different from each other in colour, but also in geometrical shapes. Very probably, for a traveller very valuable souvenirs, looked very suspicious for the Serbian border control and we appeared to them like drug dealers from former Czecho – Slovakia. I have to admit that until that time I had no idea what small hiding places a car could have. In any case, our comrades from the Serbian Republic instructed us very precise during two hours what part we should screw away and after that told us that we should mount the car back together in 15 minutes and get the hell out of there! The second unpleasant surprise waited for us in Monte Negro on a small hill just above the beautiful peninsula St.Stefan (UNESCO side). As I already mentioned we slept in the car, nest to the car and sometimes on the car. That was also the case on the nice hill where we spend the night. That was probably again very suspicious for the local armed militia, which waked us up at 5 a.m. by knocking with their Kalashnikov on the window of the car. I had only one quick answer for their request what we were doing there:”I´m waiting for the sun rise to make photos of St.Stefan!”. I don´t know if they believed us, but the answer was the same: ”Pack your staff and get out of here in 15 min.”. The third memory has something to do with our accommodation in a forest. Very thoughtful be covered all the reflecting parts of the car with burdocks. Of course if one of us needed to go the to toiled, he just went into the forest…anyway, in the morning when we continued on out trip along the forest we saw every 100 m a red sign – yes, there was a skull on it saying “PAZA MINE”. Well, in any case we saw also very beautiful places like Split, Plitvicka lakes, Mostar, St.Stefan and the biggest European fjord Kotor!