I visited Bangkok only for three days in 2010 together with my fellow travel companion Zbyňa as a part of our travel across Vietnam and Cambodia. This kind of side-travel-destination is very typical for my kind of travel, if I already travel somewhere, I would like to cover as much as possible. The same situation arose in this travel, we planned to travel across Vietnam and Cambodia, if possible also a part of Laos. Unfortunately the transportation conditions in Laos are very complicated and slow and it would take more than ten days to cross Laos and get to North Vietnam. We were looking for an alternative road. There were no other option then the obvious one – go to Bangkok! We flew from Siem Reap through Bangkok to Hanoi. Because we had only three days for Bangkok, the place of accommodation was clear – Khao San road. During the two sunny days we had we covered about 80% of the touristic attractions and the rest of the day, or better to say evening we spend at a beer observing the night life of Bangkok. One thing was a surprise for me, you could not negotiate very good with the local tuk-tuk drivers. Well, to be honest at such a concentration of tourist…as you can see from one of the photos we also tried one of the local specialities, fried scorpion. Just for comparison, did you get sometimes this little cole-fried frie in McDonnalds? It´s the same taste.