I visited Jamaica in 2011 as a part of my Caribbean trip to Cuba. On my flight from Havana to Kingston we had a stop at the Cayman Islands, so we spend there a few hours. Even through our visa obligation to the Cayman Islands, there was no problem in leaving the airport. I went to Jamaica after spending two weeks in Cuba. Who travelled across Cuba know that the one thing what is very hard to find in Cuba is good food. So our firs stop in Jamaica were grocery shops and local restaurants. But let´s start from the beginning. We arrived to Kingston at 10 p.m. Our accommodation was arranged through couchsurfing at a local guy living in the heard of Trenchtown. As a hardcore backpacker I wanted to use the local transportation to get to the town instead of a taxi which costs 20 USD. After we refused the taxi driver, explaining him, that we would like to find our friend by our own he started to laugh, ending his laugher with the question whether we want to die. Itś true that there are 1200 homocides every year, what is a world record, but it´s never as hot as it seems. At the end we took the taxi – just to be sure J. After a hour of drive the taxi driver took as into a dark alley full of locals standing in front of fires in barrels. He pointed to a half build cottage out of metal sheet and said: number 26, get out guys…, of course we stood in the taxi and ask the driver to go for our host. When he came to the taxi he started to laugh that we are full of ship and explained that his guests are safe in this neighbourhood. Casafire, was his name. He is a great guy, very funny, starting every day with a joint. He was a local reaggie singer, he also took us to one of his concerts, where we were witness of a local custom. When the crowed loves a song, they start to whistle and the singer has to start from the beginning, so he never ends a song. As Casafire explained to us, when you finish a song in Jamaica, you are finished J. The send part of the week we spend at the other side of the island. As our base town we choose Port Antonio and from there we moved to all the beautiful and lonely beaches. I recommend to try the local food speciality, Jerk Beef or Jerk Chicken. Be aware, it´s extremely hot!